Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Day Meme - Day 4

  • Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten people right now
  • Day Two: Nine things about yourself
  • Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart
  • Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot
  • Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done
  • Day Six: Five people who mean a lot
  • Day Seven: Four turn offs
  • Day Eight: Three turn ons
  • Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now
  • Day Ten: One Confession

1. Books.

2. My Starbooks friends on Facebook! Despite the fact that I haven't had the chance to meet any of the girls in person yet, they have been really amazing friends to me and I don't know what I'd do without their support and friendship.

3. Music.

4. Getting a Dodge Durango. I really need a new car.

5. Writing a book.

6. My best friend Jeff and my Lil Brother Angel.

7. My book blog

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